For Employees

Advantage Rehabilitation Consultants Ltd. offers a variety of strategies to help injured/ill persons return to work.

Disability Management can be defined as “..actively minimizing the impact of an injury on the individual as well as the workplace.”

Advantage Rehabilitation can assist you:

  • Return to Work safely.
  • Through the rehabilitation process.
  • Achieve your occupational and family oriented goals.
  • Maintain your employment relationship that provides job security, self worth, and financial independence.
  • Maintain confidentiality of medical reports and medical history.
  • Maintain contact with co-workers and friends.
  • Focus interest on the workplace and not the disability.
  • Maintain dignity and self-worth by remaining productive.
  • Alleviate feelings of dependency and lack of control, by participating in the development of your own RTW Plan.
  • Maintain job skills.
  • Minimize loss of physical fitness and muscle tone due to inactivity.
  • Remove, or at least reduce, uncertainty about the future since a Return To Work Plan provides goals, time frames and processes that will assist in the return to full employment.